Monday, January 10, 2011

Joanna Yeates Murder: Police Hunting Killer Might Take DNA from Thousands

As the inquiry enters its fourth week, officers are keeping open every available option as pressure mounts on them to come up with a breakthrough.

Mass DNA tests have cracked several murder cases that police had virtually given up hope of solving.

Police are understood to have obtained a DNA sample from Miss Yeates’s body that they believe could have come from her killer, and which would be compared with samples taken from men living in Bristol, where she was murdered.

Some of the city’s public figures say they support the idea of mass DNA testing, including Kerry McCarthy, Labour MP for Bristol East, and Canon Alan Finley, of Clifton Catholic Cathedral.

About 200,000 males over the age of 16 live in Bristol, but DNA testing would be likely to begin with screening of the 5,000 men living in the suburb of Clifton, where Miss Yeates lived.'



  1. The police are so incompetent in this case.

    If we had police officers walking and patrolling the streets, and concentrating on actual real crimes, instead of suspecting innocent people going about their everyday lives, I think they would certainly catch more dangerous criminals.

    The landlord was arrested, straight away it's on the front page news with his face and everything. Of course it doesn't help matters that he looks like an eccentric scientist type, does it? Give the police time to question their suspect and put their evidence together. Geez.

    The boyfriend, why have the police not questioned him and his brother? Just because he says he was away visiting family, they accepted that and moved on. Rubbish.

    Also, the boyfriend lives with her so of course his DNA is all over the flat. However, the police should have taken him in for questioning. I wasn't convinced when I saw the video of him online crying. He didn't think twice about leaving her by herself all week-end. When he claims to have called her and no response, should he not have cut short his "trip" and headed back to his lady? Something fishy there. Possibility that the whole thing was pre-planned. I have seen enough Miss Marple and Poirot movies to know something dodgy is up with that water tight alibi....Car broke down, jump started by landlord, came back, she was missing....Hmmmmm

    If it wasn't him, then most certainly a stalker who may have been monitoring her for a while. So many nutcases around these days. You never know who is who.

    All the CCTV cameras and none of them, not one was able to capture any footage of Joanna Yeates body being dumped or of her being abducted, led away or of anything.

    Just makes you gasp in disbelief.

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