Monday, January 24, 2011

Britain May Require Voters to Carry Photographic ID Cards ( If at first you don't succeed...)

Voters in Britain may be forced to submit photographic identification at the ballot boxes following allegations of fraud in the May general election.

Based on a report prepared by the Electoral Commission and the police, named “analysis of electoral malpractice”, due in the coming days there have been a range of fraudulent activities in the election among them postal-vote fraud, false leaflets and bogus voting.

There have been widespread complaints that local polls were hit by systematic vote rigging sometimes leading to seats being “stolen” from a number of candidates.'



  1. The solution is NOBODY should Vote for anybody.
    My X will not be appearing on anybodies name.

  2. Forget ID cards.

    How about just asking people to bring proof of identification and proof of address to the polling booth and also having more staff on hand to assist with voting in general? Personally, when I go to vote, I don't want to spend my whole day queueing up just to cast a vote.

    I read that teenagers not old enough to vote were able to cast their vote in the last election. I guess that's probably been happening for years. Kind of explains why many people were unable to vote at all. Why can't they extend the polling centre opening times in such a situation, seeing as there were horrendous queues everywhere.

    What kind of joke is this, in a so called first world country? UK and USA go to oversee votes in the so called third world countries, but here you have children, who happen to look older than their age, able to vote easily, unchallenged.

    In fact, as I was queueing up to vote at the polling booth last year, I was wondering about this. You could easily take a voting card and cast a vote for someone if you had their voting card, even better still, just turn up and say you are x person and I'm sure they would probably just give you the papers, no questions asked.

    Besides, a voter registration card does not prove who you are does it? Additionally, do they stamp your hand with ink to stop you voting twice? No, they don't. Just disorganised. If you go clubbing or to a concert or gig, you are more likely to get an ink stamp than if you go to vote. Which is more important?

    Now, if you brought your passport or drivers licence or other photo identification, that could easily prove who you are.

    Lastly, in many countries on credit cards they have photo identification, to prevent fraud and to prove that you are who you say you are. Just makes everything easier for everyone, especially if you happen to have a credit card.

    It's not rocket science.

  3. Anonymous,

    Yeah, I went through a period of voting for nobody many years ago. Do you think that is the solution to the problem?

    The people we vote for are supposed to represent us, they are not supposed to service their own agenda.

    I think the public should be consulted more on issues that affect us everyday.

    Besides, if there was nobody at all in charge, don't you think there would be anarchy?

    Instead of treating the public at large as children, I think that we need to be consulted more on issues that affect our daily lives.

    That's just what I think anyway.


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