Sunday, March 20, 2011


This brings us to the most interesting point. When this situation first arose, the Western media and politicians led the world to believe that a massive popular uprising was quickly forcing Qaddafi into a smaller and smaller area of influence. The news showed happy Libyans rejoicing in being freed from Tripoli. One channel in particular ran a story about volunteers directing traffic since the official traffic officers were not around (Where did they go? Why were public workers mysteriously absent from the towns taken by the rebels? I suspect that most of them, being loyal to Qaddafi, either fled, or were killed - in which case their deaths will be, most likely, blamed on Qaddafi).

The truth has come to light. Clearly this rebellion does not, and did not, have the massive popular support that we were led to believe. Otherwise, the US would not have had to so blatantly intervene. The Obama regime has made various statements about the evils of Qaddafi (Clinton even saying that he WOULD commit atrocities if left alone), and has -in true Bush fashion- claimed that we are trying to help the people of Libya. This entire situation is beginning to seem like Bush redux. The propaganda and lies are flying fast and furious, and the only people that will truly suffer are the people of Libya (who will, as the innocent victims of Imperialism always do, bear the brunt of the death and destruction the US causes).'


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