Thursday, March 24, 2011

26th March, Census Rebellion, 1pm North Side of Trafalgar Square. You Will See Us with Megaphones! Follow the Census Rebellion Flyers if You Can’t Find Us!

The day before the Census is due, you are due in Central London. We hope for sun and we will congregate in what could be the biggest protest this country has ever seen.

2011 is the year of the people’s uprising, and this is entirely about total resistance. You refuse to deal any information or energy to a group of criminals who have sacrificed humanity at greed’s altar. The Census could very well be used in peace time, when benevolence ruled the waves, but not by this lot. If their leadership has fallen short, then so does our support. It goes even more deeply than this. Ultimately, in this age of awakening, it’s the people who demand information from the state.'


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