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  1. Contiued from 17/March/2011 posted under everything is okay.

    If one were detached one wouldn't be able to understand my experience and attachment with bloodline Huw via the comments l've posted about the secret life of us in Attitudes Restaurant on Dotconnectors blog, and in a unyielding manner l might add too.
    Thats not my problem if its ones problem they cannot figuring it out by now, or what maybe preventing them from attaching or connecting to what l've exposed about myself and the hidden bloodline that was placed around me.
    Exposed is only LOVE.....SEXUALITY played a minor role in the experience but LUST wasn't even cast within the role of the synopsis.

    One may of assumed that bloodline Huw was staff in Attitudes during 2000 as he became a regular face in the House :) from then on, and particulary with me at night.
    l was delighted to find Huw hanging out with some staff during the day on the weekends when it wasn't busy sometimes.
    He would help out in the kitchen with his friend Heath and the other apprentice chef Damian Thompson when the owner and boss Vince Wong wasn't around after 3pm until 5pm.
    At night he'd show up around 9pm when Heath finished, later he'd hangout with me around 11.30pm or midnight for awhile and have a soda or milkshake with a thick slice of cake and ice cream as well chatted, sometimes with my brother Glen or Aldo, an old man in his 70's whom l have written about somewhere in past comments with his never ending dribble about the ins and outs of TV/video equipment harped tediously in my ear.

    Huw was like an excitable puppy dog when compaired to the old dog Aldo and thats what l loved about him, if he'd of had a tail it would of been wagging wildly.
    He was teacher Steevins pet, all ears when my conversation sometimes turned to the hidden world we live in, however never once did l ever say anything about the reptilian theory which Icke had recently taken on in his book 'The Biggest Secret", l just stuck to the factual information which l understood.

    Its funny really here am l, the set up cleaner in Attitudes Restauarant, telling bloodline Huw about such things while withholding mentioning anything about the reptilian theory to him....
    of all people, HA.
    My brother Glen once teasingly called Huw a reptile later on up the track in time, l just chuckled looking at Huw behide the bar fixing a drink for himself smiling.

    How right Glen was to be.

    Most times l'd talk gossip or whatever was going on small talk in other words.
    Bevis and Butthead were a favourite talking point of ours during 2000, you know real intellectual stuff, HA.

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  2. To me Huw was a number of things, he was a cross between a young Elvis and Bowie in my mind, an imaginary son l wanted to protect as a father and the person l would of liked to of been once at his age.
    l did get jealous when he could hang out with others his age group in Attitudes while l couldn't, but l had his attention at night when no one was around.
    l fitted in somewhat because l looked younger and could behave younger than my age group too, with the staff in Attitudes.

    One night Huw came around to my home to watch TV with me, it was The Ricki Lake Show real intellectual stuff, HA.
    He had pinched a thick slab of steak from Attitudes fridge then cooked it on the home stove while l had a bowl of soup.
    While we were watching TV he asked if he could use the phone next to him, next thing he was chatting to someone on the phone sexually.

    'Whos that?' l asked and he handed me the phone saying that they wanted to say hello.

    So here l am speaking to some girl on the other end who was talking dirty, it was a sex line he'd rang.
    Ohhh...Huw! l handed the phone back to him while he laughed then hung up.

    Although my relationship with Huw was strictly
    non sexual, Huw started doing little flirty things around me and l would wonder if perhaps he was gay, at the same time l pretended l didn't notice him whipping off his singlet while looking at me smiling, then putting it back on or asking me to feel his muscles.

    Slowly sexuality was to kick in secretly with bloodline Huw during 2000 and l would fight it off, sometimes l'd catch him eyeing me with a look as if he was waiting for me to do something, he drove me insane sexually over time sometimes but l would hide it.

    Mostly it wasn't like this between us but sometimes l'd wish he was older and it could be.

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  3. Strictly non in other words.


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