Thursday, March 24, 2011

Reign of Terror, Torture in Bahrain

There is only one approach on the part of American imperialism and that is to subjugate these peoples, deny their sovereignty and to impose a semi-colonial regime; specifically with respect to Bahrain where the Al Khalifa is maintained not only by the British, but by the US and for a very long time.

I'd like to point out that a correspondent with the Irish Times, with whom I'm in touch with daily, has been documenting and writing about the manner in which Bahrain has been a center of torture operated by Sir Ian Henderson and the British over the past decades.

The most fiendish torture -- I'm talking about dismemberment and sexual abuse, torment of family members and the children of those detained on a regular and ongoing basis.'


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  1. There's an interesting correlation between a positive write-up in National Geographic and the presence of the kind of 'security' in which they see 'progress'.

    Time and again NG American perspective is later discovered to have been backed-up by some pretty heinous activities.

    That such folk are active in Bahrain is no surprise at all, NG described the place as the 'jewel of the (Arabian) gulf'.


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