Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Forget Super Bowl Pat Downs, Big Sis Wants Interrogations And Behavioral Tests

Even as Christina Aguilera butchered the words to the American national anthem before the start of last night’s Super Bowl, the hard-fought freedoms recognized in that song were being eviscerated as hired goons conducted 4th Amendment busting pat downs on people entering the stadium.

But if you think that was too invasive, you ain’t seen nothing yet. As part of Homeland Security’s complete takeover of society, at future Super Bowls, TSA agents will get to interrogate you at special checkpoints which will use “physiological” and “behavioral” tests to determine if you’re a terrorist or a criminal.'



  1. Continued from 6/Feb/11

    1998.....Look Back in Anger..with behavior.

    As l watched listening to the awful and relentless hollow drumbeat hammering the airwaves from the Australian corporate controlled media in full brainwashing capacity and spin, with its two faced attack on Member for Oxley in Queensland, Pauline Hanson during 1997-1998.
    It was to echo the drumbeat of another chapter in Australian history from the early 1980's,
    no doubt, in which the Australian corporate controlled whorehouse media took it in their stride to behave as the nations courtroom in session daily, in predetermaning and influencing the outcome of a decision with programming the ordinary minds of its jury seated in its viewers, in what basically amounted to nothing more than a trial by media with the word GUILTY written all over the case and verdict.

    That historic Australian trial by media handled by the incompetent clowns for ratings and make believe, largely help contribute to the wrongful imprisonment and charge of murder in the Lindy Chamberlain case, " A dingo took my baby" at Ayres Rock [uluru] in 1980.

    As like Hanson, Chamberlain was vilified by the Australian corporate controlled media circus during that period...remember it well, memory like an elephant...ha.
    Peter Finchs dialogue as the anchorman in the movie Network is an apt representation of what they behave as and whatsmore stillso more so today.

    continued below

  2. Because of the way that Pauline Hanson was portrayed by the governments garbage VIPs in the corporate controlled public relations media branch, as well as the violent attacks set upon persons who came to listen to Hanson by hateful agent provocatuers.
    l was prompted by anger to write a couple of letters to the editors of two Melbourne ragtrade newspapers, which was something l had never done before.
    My indignation was reflected in one letter mainly...stuff politeness l thought and l let it all hang out with a peice of my mind and a tongue lashing on paper.
    In the letter to the editor of the Melbourne Herald Sun l asked bluntly why the media never utter one sentence about the secret societies that politicians were awash in globally, referring to.....
    The Freemasons
    Council of Foreign Relations
    Trilateral Commission
    Royal Institute for International Affairs
    Bilderburg Group
    Fabian Society

    l ended off my letter praising the alternative print media and researchers citing David Icke and Jordan Maxwell as examples.
    In closing off the letter l called the editor a pimp and the established media fucking prostitutes only interested in getting laid with MONEY....l think l was correct..ha.

    There that fixed them l thought, and it did by ruffling someones feathers or should l say scales...ha.

    By years end the hidden hands of hidden faces thought we'll fix his attitude up and so Attitudes came a knocking on my door, and other things.

    Continued next time


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