Tuesday, February 08, 2011

DHS Seizes Websites for Merely LINKING to Copyrighted Material

Apparently the Department of Homeland Security is now authorized to rewrite and enforce copyright infringement laws. In a stunning precedent, the recent round of domain seizures to shut down websites that allowed illegal streaming of the Super Bowl also included a few other websites that were seized simply for linking to infringing content.'


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  1. That's interesting.

    How about websites stealing people's personal information from mobile networks and providing so called "background checks" on people?

    Have they shut down these websites? I havee seen many and even came across one with my details being sold cheap in the USA. I'm a U.K. citizen never been to USA and most likely never will, so why is some scumbag, son of a bitch allowed to sell stolen details about me and thousands of other people in the USA, I wonder?

    What foolishness is that?

    I think DHS needs to get on that ASAP because there are loads of people doing that.

    Just because I am a customer of a mobile network that happens to be an American company, who is slack with their security, allowing some scoundrel to steal customer details? Ridiculous.


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