Tuesday, February 08, 2011

AMAGERBANKEN - $2.8 Billion Bank Failure In Denmark: Senior Bondholders Whacked 41%

It may turn out to be the most important bank you've never heard of.

Amagerbanken was taken over by the Danish government today. As with the Irish banks, Amagerbanken suffered huge losses on loans to property developers and investors in commercial real estate. But the rescue comes under new regulations which stipulate steep losses for bondholders. According to Bloomberg, senior bondholders and depositors over the insured limit will face losses of approximately 41%.

Some bondholders, however, still fall under a government guarantee, but expect Amagerbanken to be held up as an example by those who favor haircuts for bondholders rather than bailouts. In particular, we can expect Ireland's Fine Gael party (pronounced feena gail) to point to Denmark when they make their own case for unilaterally restructuring Ireland's bank debt. And when they do, the cat will be out of the bag.'


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