Friday, February 11, 2011

Is the Lost City of Atlantis on Google Maps?

It's rectangular. It certainly looks man-made. It's off the coast of North Africa. It's deep underwater. And it's on Google Maps.

Could it be the ancient lost city of Atlantis?'


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  1. Continued from 9/Feb/11

    The lost ambience of Forbes Street Moama/Echuca.

    In December 1998 my brother Glen returned back home to Melbourne from his Forbes street Moama location in New South Wales.
    After having lived in the country for nearly 3 years while acting as the caretaker of the Forbes St property, the privacy of this idyllic spot was disrupted with the arrival of a group of unwanted squatters whom had moved into the derelict shed opposite the small, one roomed house Glen was living in.

    Apparently one or two of them knew the owners of the property and so that qualified them to set up house in the run down shed, meanwhile the ambience of the isolated retreat with its position by the Murray River drowned in their noisy presence there....with drugs.

    Parties, campfires and boozing with their entourage of feral friends now replaced the peace and quiet of empty Forbes street.

    One evening Glen invited 3 persons whom he had chatted with in Echuca over for a barbeque,
    two younger aboriginal men and an elder aboriginal.
    While sitting around the campfire chatting and having a beer with the aboriginals, one of the aboriginals spotted a group of people hiding in the undergrowth of the trees around the shed area, it was the squatters with some of their feral friends.
    One idiot feral hiding behind the bushes was holding a hatchet, the others knives, all because of Glens company.

    What are they doing with weapons??...
    fucking idiots, Glen thought.
    Without batting an eyelid the aboriginal men continued drinking ignoring the idiots in the scrub of the trees and the village idiots of the shed retreated for the night.

    Honestly how they could of lived in the shed with a dirt floor and probably sharing the space with rats and huntsman spiders crawling around the joint, not forgetting to mention the chance of a snake finding its way in, l don't know.

    One of the younger aboriginal men offered Glen a drag of his smoke, marijuana, Glen puffed on it while they continued chatting.
    Soon the chatting died down as they sat staring at the flames of the campfire.
    Glen looked up and the elder aboriginal said
    "He's not ready yet".
    Glen thought,...not ready for what?...what did he mean he's not ready yet??

    They left soon after walking the dirt road of Forbes St back into Moama to cross the bridge over into Echuca Victoria, Glen never saw them again.

    In late November 1998 two people asked me at the front door of Aitken St if l'd like to work a couple of hours a night cleaning their restaurant called Attitudes, l'd met them before in the early 1990s but didn't know them personally, as for Attitudes l'd never heard of it but it was in Nelson Place behind our little home....l was ready.

    Continued next time


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