Friday, February 11, 2011

New Gaza Factory, Jobs Destroyed in Israeli Attack

I still cannot believe my eyes as I see the machines of our new factory, scattered to all corners," said Rabah al-Hatto as he surveyed the rubble of his recently-established plastic water tank factory in northeast Gaza, which was bombed by Israeli warplanes early yesterday. "What have I and the twenty workers here done to find ourselves jobless?" al-Hatto told The Electronic Intifada.

The factory was due to start distributing its products in the local market in two weeks. "I am completely shocked," the trim-bearded al-Hatto said. "I never imagined that the factory in which I and my partners invested all our money and energy, would become rubble." As he spoke, al-Hatto was surrounded by workers, friends, reporters and a field worker from a human rights group.'


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