Monday, February 14, 2011

UK Minister Slams Campaign Against Child-Snatchers

Last November I was invited to meet Tim Loughton, our Children’s Minister, for what turned out to be an hour-long, off-the-record interview. I was pleased to accept, thinking he would want to discuss the many examples I have reported of how our system of “child protection” has gone horribly off the rails.

I have investigated dozens of such cases, where children are forcibly seized by social workers from loving parents, who find themselves treated like criminals by police, judges, lawyers and “experts” who all seem part of a system rigged against them. All these cases show a similar pattern, in which the basic principles of British justice seem to be stood on their head – a national scandal which can only continue because its workings are hidden behind such a wall of secrecy.

When I met the minister, however, I was disturbed to find that he did not seem to want to discuss what my researches had brought to light. His only concern seemed to be to dismiss the cases I had reported as being a tiny minority of exceptions, wholly unrepresentative of a system which is otherwise working fine.'


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