Saturday, February 19, 2011

Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane? No, it's the Army's Latest Four Million Dollar Spy Drone Disguised as a Hummingbird, Measuring Just 16 Centimetres

A pocket-sized spy drone disguised as a hummingbird has been unveiled by a major Pentagon contractor measuring just 16 centimetres and weighing less than an AA battery.

The mini spy plane can fly up to 11 miles an hour and took five years to develop at a cost of $4million.

Army chiefs hope to use the drone’s tiny camera to spy on enemy positions in war zones without arousing detection and eventually deploy it into both rural and urban environments.'


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  1. $, that is extremely expensive. I wonder what they would do if it got damaged. I mean if the thing were to be spotted, a few bullets would bring it down pretty quickly. Also, what happens to the bird if something happens to the person controlling it? Goodbye $4million....LOL

    anyway, things like that should be fully automatic and independent, if you ask me.

    anyway, knowing those guys, they probably have a better model behind closed doors....I mean who lets all their secrets out of the bag for others to copy? Right?


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