Friday, February 18, 2011

DHS Anti-Child Pornography Operation Accidentally Shuts Down 84,000 Sites

This is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE! The Department of Homeland Security is a rogue government agency that believes it operates above the Constitution. We CANNOT let this continue.

Every single owner of the 84,000 sites that were shut down should file a lawsuit immediately. DHS MUST be help accountable for their actions or our republic will be lost forever.

In an effort to crack down on child pornography, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Department of Justice (DOJ) announced the seizure of 10 domains as a part of a new initiative called “Operation Protect Our Children” but they also shut down 84,000 seemingly innocent sites in the process.'



  1. 'Accidentally' sounds a little disingenuous, don't you feel?

    I wonder how many more such 'accidents' will occur, presaging an 'Emergency Shutdown' of the entire internet - for ever.

  2. Continued from 15/Feb/11.

    Homeland Williamstown.

    During 1997, Attitudes Restaurant upstairs had underwent renovations which transformed it into a large elegant L shaped wine bar function room.

    Two separate glass patio doors lead out onto two separately built balconies with outdoor tables and chairs where one could observe below Nelson Place or view Melbourne City in the distance from Williamstown.

    When l arrived in late 1998 downstairs at street level the main restaurant/area was plain and drab when compaired to upstairs, but throughout 1999 it too was to be transformed in appearence and style when redecorated.

    In the first few months cleaning Attitudes l got myself settled with a routine.
    Once the kitchen staff left around 9pm l would begin cleaning the back area while the waitress out front in the main restaurant finished off her duties waiting for any customers to leave.

    Once all had left l would bring in all the outdoor tables, chairs and umbrellas then lock the front doors then l headed out the back to
    lock the back driveway gates before finishing off cleaning the kitchens and mens & ladies toilets, there was a lot to clean.
    As l cleaned away l would sing to myself while doing the work, it was probably about Februray 1999 when one night l could hear someone calling out faintly 'STEEVIN' in the distance somewhere.
    At first l thought l was just hearing things so l continued working then l'd hear it again,
    "Someone must be out there".
    l thought it might of been one of the staff come back so l checked the front door and windows, nobody there?
    l headed out back walking up to the locked back gates, nobody there?
    l'm sure someone had been calling out 'STEEVIN' l thought to myself as l picked up from where l left off cleaning...odd.

    This was to happen again on another night soon after....then l spotted Flash.

    continued below


  3. On the night l spotted Flash early 1999 l didn't think anything of it really.
    l was entering the main restaurant from a small hallway which was the access to the kitchen area and also the mens toilets when l saw a dim flash of light in the subduedly lit room.
    l always toned down the lighting to low in the main restaurant using the dimmer dial, there was no ceiling lights in the bar and restaurant only frosty fan shaped wall lights.

    After a few weeks the flash of light caught my attention, where was it coming from l thought, sometimes it would happen up to three times a night as l would go back and forth from the kitchen heading for the small hallway leading into the main restarant of Attitudes.
    Strangely there was no flash of light when l entered the room, only as l entered the small hallway would the dim flash of light occur.

    After l'd finished cleaning the place l'd sit in the room with a cappuccino and maybe a slice of cheesecake listening to tracks of lounge music cds that l had been making up for Attitudes.
    All they had playing constantly on the stereo system was blaring corporate radio with its adverts, soon the many atmospheric moods of lounge music which l had burnt onto cd's would play at night creating an modern ambience in the background, still each night as l ended the night Flash never flashed.

    Sometimes a couple of younger staff would stay back after finishing work on the weekends, smoking marijuana while hanging out with me as they waited for friends to arrive before they went out on the town for the night, only once did Flash....flash, in front of 3 staff.
    That was with waiters Shane Doolin, Nathan Downes and the new 16 year old apprentice chef who had replaced fired apprentice chef Shane Ebejar, his name was HEATH McGeough.

    During 1999 l was asked if l'd like to do some house cleaning during the week, first off it was the home of Attitudes owners Vince & Juliet Wong 127 North rd Newport, then came offers from my sisters mother in law and mother of Juliet, Sally, her house at 87 Thompson st Williamstown and eventually two of her friends houses.

    April, the principle of a catholic girl school and school teacher Brenda Downes....mother of Attitudes waiter Nathan Downes.

    l didn't have to do private house cleaning work nor did l need the money, l just wanted to help them out as l wasn't doing anything through the daylight hours so l took the work on.

    Staying at Vince & Juliet Wongs home for a year long stay in Australia was two young British tourists, Sara & Jamie, Sara being Vinces niece and Jamie her boyfriend, eventually they would become regular company at night in Attitudes throughout 1999.
    Another regular visitor who was to come in at night while cleaning was an old man named Aldo whom l spoken of before in past comments.

    Towards the last few months of 1999 the flash of light began to brighten, sometimes it was dim and sometimes it was like the flash of a camera light, once while sitting with Aldo behind him a ball of white light lit up the room for a split second, l've wrote about this before and also laser beams which stretched into the room one night, so l won't repeat it here.

    By years end the flash of light stopped suddenly, and as the dawning of the new century entered a new light was to be spotted on the horizon in the shape and company of new apprentice, Heath McGeoughs friend.

    continued next time

  4. ****correction
    88 Thompson st Williamstown 3016 Oz.


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