Friday, February 18, 2011

Solar Flare Eruptions Set to Reach Earth

Scientists around the world will be watching closely as three eruptions from the Sun reach the Earth over Thursday and Friday.

These "coronal mass ejections" will slam into the Earth's magnetic shield.

The waves of charged solar particles are the result of three solar flares directed at Earth in recent days, including the most powerful since 2006.

The biggest flares can disrupt technology, including power grids, communications systems and satellites.'



  1. Yes, that is interesting. We had a power cut in London a few days ago, all the lights went off and then immediately switched back on within a split second. Very strange, because I thought I had to go and reset the fuse box, but it was weird because computer switched off and on again and I lost everything I was doing, kind of annoying as well.

    Have you seen the film Knowing starring Nicholas Cage? That was a good film, although it was trying to tell you 100 things all at once, but it was an interesting film to watch asit touched on solar flares and how they could destroy the earth completely.

  2. I was having a discussion a few days ago and we concluded that the earth is going to be annihilated by fire this time.

    It won't be flood, although as you can see these are the preliminary stages of the destruction, but it won't be flood, I think it will be fire. Everything is going to burn, apocalypse style.

    Earthquake in New Zealand today, many people have been injured, killed and there are still people trapped under rubble. It measured 6.3 in magnitude.

    Some people say these things may be caused by HAARP, but even if it was HAARP, it will destroy us all.

  3. Maby a large solar flair killed off the dionsaurs... who knows...

  4. There was 3 eruptions in Feb look what happen in New Zealand, and now in Japan?? The Sun is close to its peak in solar flare eruptions. I think this is increasing earthquakes across the globe


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