Tuesday, February 15, 2011

British Cabinet Office Collaborates With French Brainwashing Guru to Change the Way We Think

On 3 January 2011, following the UK Column's lead article exposing insider dealing between the Cabinet office and political behavioural training charity Common Purpose, the Independent newspaper revealed that David Cameron had also set up a Cabinet Office Behavioural Insight Team. Formed in July last year, the secretive cell is tasked to "dream up psychological tricks to alter our behaviour" - and on a massive scale.

The Independent article warned how the public is to be reframed or “nudged” into politically acceptable "Social Norms"; starting with healthy eating, voluntary work and tax gathering. While this may seem innocent to some people, these early ‘soft’ targets are already being greatly expanded to include wider central government ideological and political agendas, including Cameron's socialist straitjacket of the Big Society. Elite multi-millionaire Socialist and Tory Chancellor George Osborne has already signed up to Behavioural Economics - another form of mental reframing of individuals and groups, specifically to achieve political economic objectives. Their theory and intent is, that once mentally retrained, we “willingly rush to pay excessive taxes”.'



  1. Continued from 12/Feb/11.

    No brainwashing required...experience only.

    Ready or not when l was offered at my front door the opportunity to clean Attitudes Restuarant nightly in Nelson Place Williamstown with its trendy bars, cafes, restaurants and tourist knick knack shops the only obstruction on my mind was the fact that l was recieving a government social security payment handout fortnightly.
    However l didn't have to think it over really when the two people who came to my front door offering the job said that l wouldn't be included in the taxation paperwork of the payroll as it would be cash in hand....hhmm..
    in a few minutes the answer to the offer was YES l'll do it...its only a couple of hours a night walking distance from home and by myself too, how convieniant!

    The two people who came knocking at my front door offering the position cleaning their restaurant Attitudes nightly were my sister Roslyn Davies, sister and brother in law, Vincent & Juliet Wong 127 North Rd Williamstown,
    the two story house on google maps.

    l've commented about their background as well as the job arrangement which was posted ages ago somewhere on dotconnectors blog/website so l wont repeat it here, anyhow it was not my sisters idea or suggestion in their asking if l wanted to work for them cleaning Attitudes, so who did? and how did they know that cleaning was something l enjoyed doing, rather than loathed doing....the hidden network.

  2. l know l'm late dotconnector but l'll write a follow up underneath this comment shortly when l word it right, sorry :)


    In comments previously regarding Attitudes Restauant with its address number l've been wrongly posting it as 144, no its not its 217-219 Nelson Place Williamstown, sorry about that l just didn't bother to cross check it.
    Where did l get 144 from? l used to wash the front windows of Attitudes fortnightly in the 7 years that l was there, its house number was painted on one window pane at the front door,
    silly me.

  3. Nelson Place in the 1970's was nothing like it is today, it was just old buildings used as lodgings for rent by the owners of some buildings.
    l remember hanging around there as a teenager with nowhere to go in the early 1970's and the only activity l saw going on there was Marrs junk shop, a couple of pubs and a fishery which stunk of well fishy things, all else was derelict looking, it was a different era then in Williamstown.
    Today its a trendy nightlife spot for tourists, locals and the upwardly mobile type.

    The first night l started my cleaning job at Attitudes Restaurant on a Friday late November 1998 l peddled around Nelson Place on my bike, l could of walked really..ha.

    When l entered the front entrance of Attitudes the only staff who was waiting for me was a young skinny 21 y.o. Aus/Greek girl called Anna and her girlfriend mate Joe, Anna was one of 4 waitresses that worked there during 1999.

    Starting from that first meeting with Anna she and her friend were to become favourites at Attitudes nightly, actually they all were but the first person l met that night was Anna and her friend.

    l don't remember my fitst night cleaning as l was new to it but soon after l formed a nightly cleaning routine, l do remember saying hello to the apprentice chef Damion Thompson when l first saw him and the look on his face.
    When l said hello to him he gave me an unfriendly look and this was to happen again when l said hello to a waiter named Nathan Downes.
    l'll never forget the look on their faces when l said hello to them initially, they put a damper to the excitement l felt starting work at Attitues, but the next time l was to see them there wasn't a problem and they were friendly towards me once l settled.

    Attitudes staff 1999

    Vincent Wong
    Juliet Wong
    Damion Thompson
    Shane Ebejar
    Shane Doolin (female)
    Nathan Downes

    and bottom of the ladder me, Harps the cleaner upperer...ha, and soon my mate Flash :)

    Continued next time

  4. ***correction on lines 9/10 first comment

    its only a couple of hours a night (of work) (and close within) walking distance from home...


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