Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Egyptian Army Manoeuvres in Attempt to Cut Across Worker Protests

The Egyptian military top brass have taken over the running of the country and, while they are promising a transition to "democracy" at some stage, they are more concerned in the short term about what they see as "chaos and disorder". That is, not just the rallies that have gripped all of Egypt’s major cities, but something far more dangerous in their view, the growing strike wave.

14 February, public transport workers on strike protesting outside Ministry of Interior. Photo: 3arabawyAccording to latest reports, thousands of public sector workers, including ambulance drivers and transport workers, are out protesting for better wages and conditions. Even the ordinary police have been affected by this new mood of worker militancy. Around 200 of them have been out demonstrating, demanding better pay. Oil and gas workers have been protesting, as have the workers in the national steel industries, as well as in textiles, telecoms, railways, post offices, banks, oil and pharmaceutical companies. Even the workers in the tourist industry held a protest near the Great Pyramids.'


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