Friday, February 18, 2011

Looking for a Smack-Down on the Road to Damascus

And in America; the fallout from the recent chemical attack on the Gulf of Mexico keeps on keeping on. It is like something out of a comic book, except it’s not funny unless you’re a fan of S. Clay Wilson. How can something like this be allowed to continue? The English Crown and the Rothschilds, committed an act of aggression against a sovereign power, ostensibly a friend, and ‘there’s nothing to see here, keep moving’. Proceed in an orderly fashion to the chain locked exit doors.

Picture to yourself, for a moment, the image of world leaders around the globe trying to push a genii back into a bottle. Do they hang around and try to manage the emerging chaos, given that there is still revenue flowing into their personal accounts, or… do they book while the booking is good? The hinterlands of Paraguay are set to soon resemble the look of the Costa del Sol in any case. They’ve got a real dilemma. Do they follow the lead of their raging greed and skim what cream remains, or do they slip from sight with the coming of night?'


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