Saturday, December 18, 2010

Waiting to Exhale: Climate Criminals Want to Tax Every Breath you Take

Governments around the world have stripped away at not only the rights of its citizenry, their inheritance by right of birth and any lingering dignity. They levy taxes on everything imaginable and even the intangible. Previous generations would be up in arms literally if their governments tried taxing rainwater and private water wells. There are new tax 'schemes’ being discussed every day such as the 'fat’ tax and the robin hood tax and many others. Now these blood sucking parasites want to tax the very air we breath!

“Like oil, oxygen is a fuel. Our fuel. The only difference between oxygen and oil is that you can see oil, as Alaskans will testify. But, as any foreigner in Mexico City will also testify, you can certainly feel the lack of oxygen. As such, it can be argued that its producers may have a right to join the markets for coffee, grains, oil and metals--on the commodity exchanges. That's how we should treat it. As a commodity.” --Bill Manson, Tax the Air to Save the Amazon'


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