Friday, December 17, 2010

The United States of War Criminals

More than half (53.3%) of US tax dollars go to a criminal enterprise known as the US Department of Defense (sic), a.k.a. the worst polluter on the planet. We hear about tax cuts this and budget that and all kinds of other bullshit from the US government and the corporations that own it…but the reality remains: Roughly one million tax dollars per minute are spent to fund the largest military machine (read: global terrorist operation) the world has ever known.

What do we get for all that money? To follow, is but one tiny example that mostly slipped through the cracks earlier this year.'


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  1. My sources claim there has been a one world governing body, a "Born to Lead" family bloodline residing on planet earth for the last 309,000 yrs. The real question is why are they here? Power over other-selves? Of course, because from their rather limited perspective they see their-self as "God".
    However, is there a much higher perspective that explains why these "Crusaders" are being allowed to dominate this realm of consciousness?
    The answer to this question is more than most are willing to reckon with, and rightly so, as most are programmed to know only what they are told by those desirous to maintain domination over the mass mind.
    Therefore, speculate all you wish, believe as you will. However, wishful thinking within "I believe" this or that does not make such correct.
    "Knowledge protects, ignorance endangers" & "Where there is bias to preconceived notions there is no opportunity to learn" is what the powers-that-be base their power over other-selves on.

    Therefore, just enjoy your journey,
    Travis @ 2012 Consciousness Shift Resources


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