Friday, December 17, 2010

Henry Kissinger was a 'Soviet' (Rothschild) Agent

'Kissinger did many favours for the heirs of Stalin and Mao: telling president Gerald Ford not to invite Alexander Solzhenitsyn to the White House, for example, and making lavish excuses for the massacre in Tienanmen Square. He is that rare and foul beast, a man whose record shows sympathy for communism and fascism.

It comes from a natural hatred of the democratic process, which he has done so much to subvert and undermine at home and abroad, and an instinctive affection for totalitarians of all stripes ... Let this character at last be treated like the reeking piece of ordure that he is.'

Christopher Hitchens, Dec. 12. 2010

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  1. A Rothchild stooge- like JP Morgan, Warren Buffett etc. Kissinger did his doctoral work on The Congress of Vienna a Rothchild "event" if there ever was one


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