Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Provocateurs,Shills and Disinfo Agents

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  1. l'd never heard of the term cointelpro agents until recently when one of my favourite radio podcasts l listen to hosted by Chris Geo & Sheree on Truth Frequency Radio, [Oracle broadcasting], weaseled out a cointelpro agent in their midst.

    There was something very irritating about this woman named Christie that listeners picked up on while she sat in the background of interviews with whomever was the invited guest, one guest was TV commentator Joe Rogan from the TV show Fear Factor also a commentator of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.
    He actually suggested she was a cointelpro agent during the interview.

    Along with the audience l also thought there was something in her frequency that brought the program down when it was announced that she was to become a permanent host with Chris Geo, replacing Sheree due to health reasons.

    Thanks to the negative reception from listeners about this woman Geo booted her off the program and in turn discovered her true agenda as a cointelpro agent on his radio program, Sheree is back now as co-host thank crickey.
    l love listening to them.


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