Saturday, December 18, 2010

Soaring Prices and Restricted Deliveries Could Leave Thousands of Homes Without Heating Oil

Thousands of rural homes could be left without heating this winter as the worsening weather hits deliveries of oil.

Even if they get the oil they need to heat their homes and cook, many will have to cut back on how much they use because the price of the fuel has almost doubled in a month.

Some may have to wait up to four weeks for supplies over the Christmas period.

In the last month, prices have jumped from under 40p a litre to as much as 79p. The Office of Fair Trading has been instructed to look for evidence of price fixing. One MP accused suppliers of ‘utter exploitation’, while another pointed out that the price of heating oil had risen nearly 70 per cent in the past few months while crude oil had risen by 17 per cent.'


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