Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ron Paul - Do You Even Think About Americans?

Ron Paul Telling it how it is when he questions a state depratment official on the wisdom of using a warship to deliver 50 tons of 'AID' to Georgia.


  1. Wow, once again Ron Paul! He seems to be the only politician who has the courage to debunk the humanitarian-aid-propaganda on camera. And where are the REAL journalists of this country who should be asking these tough questions to Bush?
    Keep it up, Ron Paul!

  2. Hello dotconnector, I sent a couple of e-mails to David. I'm hoping he gets them. Now, at least I know not to expect them for some time! I loved that video of Ron Paul. He's great. It's unfortunate that he doesn't fit into "the illuminated ones'" plans.

  3. What really surprises me is that Ron Paul has not yet been assininated! The man has asked some pertinant questions in the past and I hope he continues to do so. Keep chipping away Ron! One day the mainstream media will have to pay attention.


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