Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What Happened at Canary Wharf on 7th July 2005

On 7th July 2005, at 09.48 US Eastern Standard Time, a CNN breaking news report was filed with a news service giving details of a conversation between a reporter and Brian Paddick of the Metropolitan police (CNN, 2005). In this conversation, a reporter asked Brian Paddick:

“Can you tell me -- the rumors that a police sniper shot dead a suicide bomber at Canary Wharf -- do you know anything about that?” Paddick responded: “We have no reports of any police sniper shooting at anybody today.” The time stamp on the CNN report indicates that the news summary was posted at 13.48 GMT.

At least one press agency and media outlet were aware of an alleged shooting at Canary Wharf on the morning of 7th July. These alleged shootings have now become central to an alternative theory about 7/7 presented in an internet documentary called 7/7 Ripple Effect (Hill, 2007).'


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