Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Energy Vampires

To hear the "humanitarian" interventionists tell it, the NATO alliance is currently bombing Libya in order to avert an alleged "massacre" that may – or may not – happen if Moammar Gadhafi gets his hands on the rebels now holding the eastern province known as Cyrenaica. It’s just a coincidence that Libya is a major oil producer, and that the NATO allies demanding the dictator’s ouster are thirsty for the stuff.

If you believe otherwise, well then you’ve fallen victim to a "conspiracy theory," as any number of unrepentant neocons will tell you. During the run-up to the invasion of Iraq, they were disdainful of the claim that their pet project was a thinly disguised oil grab, and still deny it. Yet now the documentary evidence is in, and it looks like the "war for oil" crowd was right, at least insofar as it concerns Tony Blair’s key supporting role as Bush’s British lapdog. A cache of over 1,000 memos obtained by author Greg Muttitt under the Freedom of Information act document at least five meetings between British government officials and BP/Shell as the war propaganda began to heat up.'


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