Thursday, April 21, 2011

Find The Others


  1. While looking into his pupiless eyes which were glowing white from within l felt a strong pressure similar as to the force one feels between two opposing magnets when you try to hold them together.
    When Bloodline Huw Thomas revealed himself to me at Attitudes Restauarant just somewhere after the midnight hour and within the zero hour
    of the 20/July/2002, my whole being was stupefied numb with the electrifying shock and stillness spreading throughout my nervous system as l watched Huw shapeshift before me.

    l've explained this encounter between us previously in a couple of past comments so l needn't repeat it again, yet l haven't exposed the 'others' properly whom l was to find of the bloodline in the shadows so to speak, and the icing on the cake within my experience too..Ha.

    The experience with the 'hidden' bloodline that was placed and set up around me during 1999-2002 at Attitudes Restauarant sometimes can do my head in, if you understand what l mean, it provided me with answers thankfully, however, it has left me stumpted with more questions that l long for to be answered, such as to why is it so and what for?...

    Only yesterday l ran into someone who worked at Attitudes Restaurant during the years l was there, she knew Huw and his apprentice chef friend Heath, they would sometimes go hang out at her house in Yarraville after her work shift at night in Attitudes Restaurant and swim in her large backyard pool on hot sweltering nights in summer...while l sweltered in sweat cleaning Attitudes Restaurant nightly.
    l couldn't speak to her about Huw and why he was really coming in at night to hang out with me, she knew he was anyway for she was there a number of times too.

    l'll write about the 'others' tomorrow or shortly.

  2. My brother Glen and l were called 'the others' in brackets on a Xmas card that my younger brothers Michaels ex [bloodline Chrissy Cholus)
    sent to Mum in 2003.

    Knew Chrissy for 15 years and we got called......'the others'.....Ha

    To Mrs Harper and 'the others'
    blah blah
    Happy Xmas from Chrissy

  3. Whats going on here? Dont bother posting anything from me Andrew l'm moving on now.

  4. :) l got annoyed with you sorry AC/DC :)


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