Friday, April 22, 2011

Besieging Belarus: Next on the Globalists' Chopping Block

With Libya preparing to face Western troops, and Syria fending off an overtly foreign-backed uprising, other nations long accused of being "rouge" by the global corporate-financier oligarchy are bracing for what is inevitably to come. While earlier assurances were made to the House of Saud, it seems even they are making provisions to secure their kingdom against their own society unhinging, fueled by both years of draconian brutality and now US funded sedition.

The groundwork has been laid for this global upheaval to spread as far as Moscow and Beijing, however a little known republic is getting increasingly more attention from the corporate-financier oligarchy, the Eastern European nation of Belarus. With 9.5 million people and sitting right across the border from Moscow, it serves as the next logical step for NATO's expansion toward the goal of encircling Russia.'


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