Tuesday, February 01, 2011

You Can't be There if You're Not Here!


  1. Continued from 29/01/11

    Where l was then, there, here...1995-1996

    l cannot recall the exact timeline of when things occured during 95-96 but the more l learnt about Secret Societies and the way that the global pyramid of manipulation is structured across the globe, the more l became charged with anger internally.

    This new found charge of energy was bound to join hands with an old party in anger shared within, sexuality, igniting the flame to an awakening.

    l was an electrical current which was to draw certain unpleasant situations towards me only fuelling the emotional fusion within.

    l had been living off my $24,000 retrenchment payout from the Williamstown Hospital since January 1992, actually they offered me firsty $6000 l said in polite terms shove it basically, eventually they kept raising it a couple of times until it got to $24,000.
    Take the money and run l thought, so l did..ha.

    By 1995 l had to apply for unemployment benefits as my payout which l'd been living off had dried up.
    The prospect of having to find work..doing what?
    in a system l detested brought about a depression and l didn't want to work for the system ever again.

    For years l had learnt to cope with and control depression my way, now it had worsened as l got into my mid thirties.
    Having never trotted off to doctors in my life, only rarely, l went to see a doctor named Dr Irinyi taking along with me, my suicide note.
    [half of it was true and half of it bullshit]

    Dr Irinyi said he could get me onto a 3 month temporary disability benefit as well as making an appointment to see a psychiatrist named Dr Honey, that crikey for that turn of events yet it was also meant to be that way l think.

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  2. As it turned out 3 months later l still recieved the disability payment without any indication as to how long for nor contact from social securities branch Centrelink, actually l've never considered it a disablity payment l considered it compensation from the 'system', he..he.

    Never was l to see a cut off date nor correspondence from Centrelink, until early 2006 or was it 2007...forgot but its on paper somewhere.
    l can understand why now because of the hidden set up that l experienced at Attitudes Restaurant with the bloodline, which backfired and exposed a webring [that word came in handy Dotconnector..ha] and how far the cloak of secrecy extended in the framework of society.

    1995-1996 my brother Glen went to live in the suburb of Frankston close to our cousins which l've mentioned before.
    l did my thang in Williamstown and off here and there to cousins homes elsewhere filming their kids on camcorder, l saw myself as some kind of director with my camcorder l just loved filming as a hobby.

    While Glen was in Frankston sometimes l would hear noises coming from the empty bedroom which he would use at 118 Aitken St Williamstown when he visited.
    One night l was in the kitchen late at night preparing a snack and as l was standing there waiting for the toaster to hurry up, l heard what sounded like a midget or child with heavy feet thumping around in the empty bedroom adjacent to the kitchen.
    There was also this wheezing sound coming from the room too, l was to scared to walk towards the bedroom door to open it up and scattered off to my bedroom like a chicken with a snack.

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  3. Once while doing the same thing in the kitchen again on another late night, l nearly hit the roof in fright when l heard the front door of the house slam shut with such force it caused the doorbell to vibrate for about 8 seconds, yet the front door was locked and closed.
    As l headed up to my bedroom off left of the hallway and front door l heard my father snoring off right of the hallway.
    How could he and my mother not have heard that? it was enough to wake the dead in fright.
    l told them about it in the morning.
    This was to happen again but no-one else heard it either then as well.
    In 1996 l went to see David Ickes visit to Melbourne which l've spoke of before and Linda Moulten Howe sometime around that time also,
    meanwhile a life just went on but l couldn't believe that Centrelink hadn't pestered me.

    The pills Dr Irinyi and Dr Honey prescribed me were taken up to a point and then l just pretended that l was taking them from then on afterwards.
    They didn't help nor a cure, they were a bandaid solution so l played the game that all was well with Harps, but l did feel better having got off the 7am till 4pm workforce grid.

    continued next time.


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