Monday, January 31, 2011

Fee Protests Spell Anarchy for Britain

Britain's capital London and the city of Manchester were hit by anarchy and chaos Saturday as thousands of students took to the streets in anti tuition fee protests.

In Westminster, Central London where back in December police injured and arrested scores of anti-fee rise protestors, students and trade unionists launched a huge thousands-strong rally chanting anti-government slogans, while, at the same time they adopted some measures to avoid clashes with police.

This time, demonstrators who had tasted the heavy-handed 'kettling' of the police, which triggered violent reactions from students last year, devised a mobile phone application to inform one another of police cordons avoiding clashes.'



  1. Well, some students are now being advised to study abroad.

    Personally, if I was just entering into study like some of these students, I wouldn't pay those extortionate fees either.

    I would only briefly (very briefly) consider paying it if I was going to Oxford or Cambridge, and with that you are just paying for the name anyway.

    There are simple solutions to all these problems we can see, but seeing as people in UK are so greedy, they are going to totally ruin this place, once and for all.

    Seems to be chaos all over the world.

  2. I wonder if any of the police officers, especially the ones who are violent, have or hope to children who want to go to University at some point, present or future.

    The student aren't only protesting for the present, but for the future as well.

    The only people that would agree with this are people who are too rich to care.

    Besides anarchy is what they want, so best to keep the protests peaceful.


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