Sunday, January 30, 2011

About Those Egyptian Looters

CNN appears to be pushing the ‘widespread looting in Egypt’ story pretty aggressively. I would caution people not to accept that narrative quite so readily. While there is definitely looting, it’s unclear how common it is. Democracy Now‘s senior producer Sharif Kouddous is tweeting from Egypt, and reports that Egyptians are actually cleaning the streets of trash and forming neighborhood watch committees to protect innocent Egyptians from the looters.

Furthermore, Al-Jazeera is reporting that apprehended looters were in possession of central security services IDs and government issued weapons.'


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  1. What the hell is happening in Egypt?

    If I ever thought a place in the world seemed tranquil, peaceful and an idyllic holiday spot, it was always Egypt.

    It is clear from several pieces of footage that I have watched that the people want this current president to go. Why is this man still hanging on with his fingernails and toenails?

    How many more people need to die before this man resigns his post?

    Just leave, the people DON'T want you anymore.


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