Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Why Do We Just Accept Things?

But when it comes to our social environment, over-acceptingness can be a major point of weakness, and even a fatal flaw. “Doormat” is a pretty apt metaphor for one who consistently accepts too much. “Sheep” is another. Vast numbers of people have knowingly been led to horrible fates simply because they nodded their heads and submitted at the wrong moment. Those same people didn’t have much to contribute to the human gene pool.

Even for lesser situations than life-or-death, many people lack some mechanism that allows them to say “No” and to alter things when circumstances become unacceptable. So many times in our lives, especially for those of us in the lower socioeconomic tiers, we just say “Okay” and put up with whatever obstacle or injustice is put in our path.

Higher taxes? “Okay.” Big rent increase? “Okay.” Kicked out of one’s own home? “Okay.” That magic word okay lets us continue on the path of least resistance, even if it leads somewhere worse than the other path, where we’d have to say “No” and maybe fight our way through. Being obedient reduces conflict.'


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  1. Well, atually, there are a lot of reasons why people just accept things.

    Take voting for example, there are a lot of people who vote a selected party because their parents voted for that party. Sometimes you have to have your own independent thinking and not follow the crowd.

    Some people follow because they don't want to feel like an outcast or the odd one out.

    Besides, at one time or another in all our lives, we have accepted something that was to our detriment and not beneficial to us.

    Also, some people have a stronger will than others. We are all different, that is why some people are leaders and others decide to follow. Unfortunately, we can't all be the same.

    and yes, being obedient does reduce conflict, but there is being obedient and then there is being a fool, doormat etc. I remember when I was a young child, I used to get bullied and pushed around, I did nothing, not because I was weak, but just a gentle peaceful child, I didn;t like trouble. However, as an adult I had to develop a new strategy as people were allowed to get away with far too much. Why should a person come and shout in my face and I should just sit around twiddling my thumbs? Hmmmm.....You have three choices, get up and walk away, shout back or ignore that fool. Which one we choose is also dependent on the situation and environment, isn't it?

    Anyway, that's life, nobody gives you a handbook on how to live it, you just learn as you go along, I guess.


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