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David Icke speaking on the Alex Jones Show about the Egypt and the Middle East Agenda - the complete version


  1. l did listen to all of this clip above.

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    1997...up closer and getting personal
    Been sitting here for ages screwing up attempts on paper as to, how do l start off this comment as a continuation from my prior post made days ago on the 1/Feb/11.
    l don't particulary like writing myself but its just my voice documenting my experience, be it by the electronic media, that is the internet.

    How do l make my internet voice interesting to consciousness reading it??

    Am l a 'F******BLEEP' idiot or what?
    l mean come on, how more interesting or exciting can l possibly be..Ha.

    Asked in Dec 1996 if he would be interested in caretaking a property rent free in country Moama/Echuca Australia, my brother Glen didn't have to think twice about it.
    It was a blessing in disguise for Glen, an escape to the country from problems beginning to plague him which resulted in ties with a cousin in Frankston to deteriorate, where he was living then.

    This property that he acted as caretaker for l've mentioned previously in a comment ages ago.
    It didn't have a street name then but now it does....Forbes Street Moama N.S.W Australia, follow the street down and close to the edge down by the Murray River is where it is, a little green roof with a white roofed shed to its right.
    This was where up close and personnal contact with probes and beings of 'light' made itself transparently clear to us that, we are not alone which should be apparent to anyone with even just half a brain and a one glass eye, in my opinion.

    Glen had experiences there that only he can harp on such as mists of light floating above the treetops around this isolated area, even a mist that floated above his bed one morning.
    He said that something went through his body as he lay on the bed looking at the mist, it caused his body to literally bend over backwards as it went through him, there was no pain in fact he said it felt wonderful, rapturous.

    l would venture up there by bus to stay for 2 or 3 weeks at a time, so would family or cousins sometimes during holiday periods.
    Sometimes a kangaroo or two would be spotted in the field, a few kookaburras would come by daily for a snack, didn't feed them all the time though, a snake which hid underneath the house from the kookaburras l suppose, a peacock that wandered around the grounds for a feed and other wildlife.

    Glen told me about a glowing orange ball of light flying past one of the 5 windows
    a few nights before l had arrived there.

    l wish l had of been there to see it l thought but l didn't have to wait long as l was to see it fly past a window also, a beautiful glowing ball of orange light yet at that time l was spooked as l knew it was extraterrestrial but it wanted me to see it plus more.

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  2. One cd that year which was constantly played as l sat overlooking the Murray River with a drink or two was the new Madonna album Ray of Light.

    Zephyr in the sky at night l wonder.....

    While l was back in Williamstown away from Moama, Glen would study the nightsky ocean strumming his acoustic guitar to his YES cds.
    One night he spotted a star blinking on and off,
    while looking at it he was thinking move to the left, suddenly it moved quickly to the left.
    This was in space this object and it heard his conscious mind speaking, move to the right again and it did as he asked.
    When l travelled up there on my next visited he told me about it and so that night we went outside to stargaze.
    Pointing out a lone star blinking to our right in the nightsky he said move to the left and it wasn't at all frightening witnessing this display so maybe that was where the orange ball of light had come from, its skylab in space.

    Sometimes we would see them streaking across the nightsky flying at tremendous speeds in space.

    Another event that took place in 1997 was a death that was made to look like an accident in the electronic control PR offices of television and comic books that pass themselves off as newspapers, Princess Diana on the 31st of August, l've wrote about that before...ritual murder and removal.
    l felt her death about May 1997 by premonition but l didn't know that it was a premontition at the time, it was moreso a sad feeling.

    Also in 1997 my brother and l went to see a politican visiting Echuca...Pauline Hanson.

    In Australia she was demonized like no other politician has ever been, nor ever has been since by the corporate controlled media, and there have been plenty of opportunities since then with the sellouts in the Australian political puppet scene.
    What a battleground it was but it also exposed the fake personalities on television called hosts and journalists and what line they truely represent, globally.

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  3. The day we went to see Pauline Hanson speak in Echuca a crowd of mainly Aboriginals from the Yorta Yorta Tribe surrounded the front entrance of the building, hurling insults at people and spitting at them going in to LISTEN to Hanson.

    As Glen and l approached my heart was racing thinking to myself we have to walk through that!

    This was how the corporate controlled media in Oz whipped up a frenzy of a campaign to intimidate anyone who wanted to listen to what Hanson was actually saying, however the media twisted it daily by conditioning the public to parrot the word RACISM, as they were to condition the publics with TERRORISM, WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION, CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN..

    Anyhow as we got closer and closer to the crowd and its noise suddenly they went dead silent as Glen and l walked between them.
    They actually made space for us to enter, no eyes were upon us, they just stood there numb in quietness as we went inside yet they had been spitting and yelling at the other people going inside.
    Pauline Hanson was only a part of the journey of our awakening and a close up and personal lesson in how the system behaves with a threat
    to the system in the old farts club..

    The Yorta Yorta Tribe of Echuca were just as gullible to programming as all people are when trapped in the "systems" illusions of
    this is GOOD..>>>...this is BAD.

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