Sunday, January 02, 2011

US Collects DNA And Data On Foreign Presidential Candidates

A cable dated March 24, 2008 reports upon a recent Washington review of the reporting and collection needs of USG (United States Government) agencies in Paraguay. The review lists the priorities USG agencies are to focus upon when they allocate resources and update plans to collect information on Paraguay. Information was desired upon all leading presidential contenders – particularly upon the Minister of Education, Blanca Ovelar; former Vice President Castiglioni, and also on Lino Oviedo; and Fernando Lugo. The information included biographical and financial information but also biometric data including fingerprints, facial images, iris scans, and DNA, on these individuals.

P.J. Crowley,State Department spokesman, sought to reassure the world that American diplomats are not spies, but ignored questions about why they were asked to collect samples of DNA, iris images, credit card numbers, fingerprints and other personal information of foreign dignitaries at the United Nations and other countries.'


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