Wednesday, January 05, 2011


  1. l sat here writing out a comment and then pressed post comment, then it disappeared.
    Some page came up Java something wiping out my's bloodly frustrating that!
    Will try again.

  2. Continuing on from 2/1/11....

    The only thing special about myself is my experience other than that well l don't know.
    What is unique is the alignment l find to the word light.

    By no means do l think l'm a good writer,
    l lack the skill for want of trying...ha.

    Continuing on this is just a bit of background on my fathers surnames.

    Once l could of been a White but l ended up a Harper, my father Frank was known as Frank Anybody during his growing up years.
    This was because his biological father kept changing his surname a number of times, once Frank was a Williams then an Evans and crikey knows what else...ha.
    When his mother Clara remarried then Frank became a White, she had Aboriginal ancestry in her family lineage but she wasn't black or dark skinned as it were.

    Franks biological father died at the age of 40 when he was 20.
    All l know about him is that he was a very good pianist and apparently wrote songs too.
    One song he supposeably wrote was sold to a publisher at a pittance, so the story goes, and ended up being given to country music ledgend Hank Williams Snr, that song title is Cold, Cold Heart.
    Whether this account is true l don't know but it's a Hank Williams classic with Hank credited as the composer of the tune.
    My father was addiment that his father wrote that tune because his biological father told him so.

    Before his marriage to my mother my father wanted his biological fathers surname on the wedding certificate and found a record of it through the births, deaths and marriages registry office, so l ended up a Harper instead of a White.

    My twin brother and l were born to the western suburb of Sunshine, Victoria, and so the inescapable connection to the word light on my path behind and on the long path ahead that l've plodded in life, and which was to take a turn thats even stranger than fiction and beyond the realms of Sci Fiction to the Non-Fiction account that l was to experience at Attitudes Restuarant.

    Harp-er= A heavenly instrument or player of the Harp = Voice.

    Way up ahead on the path was added another surname that was to connect the dots, so to speak.

    Continued next time


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