Sunday, December 26, 2010

Interesting How These Stories Go Back To Back...?


  1. According to Mercer Island
    the window was broken by kids 'from the centre' throwing rocks outside..

    Fox news forgot to mention that detail.

  2. Speaking about things smashed, when l moved house in late 2007 into the place l live at now, well after settling in and while sitting half watching TV during the wee hours of the night l said out of curiosity sake,
    'Is there anyone here?', l was only asking for a some kind of sign really.

    Nothing happened and soon after l went off to bed but around 5am in the morning there was the sound of broken glass smashing which was heard by my brother.
    In the morning when l got up l found the glass tabletop of the outdoor setting smashed to smithereens all over the decking outside the large windows beside the lounge room.

    Got an answer HA.


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