Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Miracle Diet Drug Linked to Thousands of Deaths in France

A 'miracle' slimming pill may have killed thousands of people in France and could become the worst health scandal in the nation's history.

The drug Mediator was prescribed to up five million people, originally to overweight diabetes sufferers, from its launch in 1979 until it was banned last year.

And for 30 years it was also used as an appetite-suppressing drug by thousands of healthy men and women, with its cost even subsidised by the French healthcare system.

But a forthcoming official report is now warning that it may be linked to the deaths of up to 2,000 people and caused heart problems in 3,500 more.'


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  1. It always surprises me when people think they can eat and eat and do no exercise whatsoever and then pop a small pill to magically vanish away the fat.

    I have read enough articles now to know that these weight loss pills can be very dangerous indeed at worst and have a number of side effects. I have spoken to a few people who have used them before.

    Exercise, reducing calorie intake, particularly if you are not generally a very active person, and activity such as walking, dancing and general exrcise is the best remedy for weight loss.

    Furthermore, there are a number of teas that actually contain appetite suppressing qualities that people can drink if they think they can't control their excessive eating.


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