Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fear Inc Announces Another Opportunity for you to Kill and Mame your Kids in the Name of Big Pharma Profits

Doctors believe that infection levels are likely to rise dramatically over the next few weeks.

Andrew Lansley, the Health Secretary, was yesterday accused of “serious misjudgment” for cancelling the under-fives programme.

Labour said Mr Lansley probably went against medical guidance in stopping the free flu jab.

The Department for Health confirmed that officials had considered again offering the vaccine to the pre-schoolers.

Instead, they reviewed the effectiveness of the jab on sickness rates among young children.

Flu rates already are approaching epidemic status with 18 adults and nine children known to have died.

One in 10 of the 460 patients with flu being treated in intensive care is under the age of 15, including 26 under-fives.

Levels have been rising at a faster rate than before the last flu epidemic in 1999, tripling in the space of the week.

Experts fear the peak of the infection is some way off.'


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  1. Well, I was talking to someone recently, who had the flu jab when at school, and this person is always spitting on the streets and making that grunting sinus noise, which sounds quite terrible.

    Anyway, I asked him, wjy does he spit on the streets, he said he can't help it. I asked him when did it start, he told me when he was at secondary school. I think he is about 20/21 now. I said have you ever had the flu jab, he said yes at school and that's when the mucous secretion started.

    I had the flu jab in 1998/1999 and I had the same feeling of thick excess mucous forming involuntarily in my throat, I had to walk around with a packet of tissues all the time. It is a very bad feeling to have. It lasted for years, and I'm glad I discovered it was the flu jab, because I will NEVER take it again, unless I am covertly injected with it, without my knowledge, of course. I would not recommend it.

    Notice how people are always spitting all over the streets now, before you could walk on a clean pavement in the UK, now every few steps is thick phlegm all over the floor. It is quite disgusting.


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