Monday, December 27, 2010

Trading Places: Obama Considers Bilderberger Altman to Replace Summers

Obama is ready to name a successor to National Economic Council Director Lawrence Summers who resigned his post in September. Summers worked diligently with fellow bankster minion and Goldman Sachs crony Robert Rubin in 1999 to trash the Glass-Steagall Act and usher in the financial crisis. Summers was Treasury Secretary at the time.

Larry Summers has taken buku bucks from his bankster buddies while supposedly serving the American people. He received hundreds of thousands of dollars in “compensation” from Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Citigroup and Lehman for speaking engagements. He received $5.2 million in 2009 from the Wall Street hedge fund D. E. Shaw. In short, he profited handsomely from the engineered takedown of the economy

Summers may be a difficult act to follow, but Obama is stacking the deck. Possible replacements include Roger Altman, founder of Evercore Partners Inc., Gene Sperling, an adviser to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, and Yale University President Richard Levin.

It looks like Altman is the odds-on favorite.'


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