Saturday, January 01, 2011

WeAreChange Chicago Member Arrested for Asking Dr. OZ Vaccine Questions

'On November 6th, Dr. Oz hosted a health expo in Chicago’s Millennium Park. We Are Change Chicago (WACC) members attended hoping to ask Dr. Oz some questions about the dangers of vaccines. The poisonous additives causing adverse reactions for some people are never discussed in the mainstream media.'

Incident with Dr. Oz & his people begins at about 3:15


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  1. WeAreChange and l wouldn't change a thing.

    Some people don't understand what l see in Huw,
    if only they knew.
    They think my heads in the sand but they'll never see the best side of Huw.
    Is my heart ruling my mind maybe l'm not right everytime but l know l'm right about this love of mine..
    If l had to do it all again
    l wouldn't change a single thing
    Theres no questioning in my heart
    When it comes to my love
    l wouldn't change a thing.
    Yeah l've had my doubts my ups and downs on the merry go round.
    It was my head in the clouds but l kept one foot on the ground
    l know they say love is blind but he's the best thing that happened to me and l'm not ashamed for the world to see
    lf l had to do it all again
    l wouldn't change a single thing
    Theres no questioning in my heart when it comes to our love...l wouldn't change a thing.

    And l should be so lucky, lucky, lucky lucky...
    because it was only make believe.

    "l wish you were my father, my dad never talks to me like you do Steevin, he never speaks to me".....Bloodline Huw said to me once one night
    at Attitudes Restaurant in 2001.
    With these words computing through my ears to be heard and directing their way to my heart,
    l melted within for a moment.
    But l mustn't let Huw see that l had already imagined him that way and secretly loved him as if he was my sunny boy.

    l saw Huw in the begining as the person l would of liked to have been at his age, when l was that age once at 17, whole, instead of the half a person that l had been.
    The other half locked and stored away behind bars to be kept hidden beneath the half wit l saw myself as and in the monster within that l was to train to behave, called sexuality.

    Only once in the 2 years and 7 months did Huw ever speak to me about my sexuality, it wasn't something l spoke about myself nor advertised either, l'm just not that sort of guy.
    "You wouldn' know, touch me would you"
    he asked me all innocently.
    "No l wouldn't do that l'm not like that Huw"
    l replied honestly.
    "Good cause l like titties" he said which made me laugh the way he had said it laying there stretched out on the chesterfield couch.

    But really thats why and what the little bloodsport gladiator Huw was planted in Attitudes Restaurant all along for, to chop that mountain down with a desired touch from my hand.

    To tell the truth l'm flippin' past that thing called sex now...thank crickey.
    For a long, long time it was a barstard of a mountain to climb, and a battle l fought inside and sometimes outside, around humankind.
    Little did l realize at that time though and particulary with Huw Thomas in mind, that it was to turn into the battle of my life, in real life, so maybe this could be put to good use here on Dotconnectors site, with the proof that Icke is right in the sometimes confusing world and realm of conspiracy.

    No, no, l wouldn't change a thing.

    to be continued......


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