Thursday, December 30, 2010

FBI Delivers Anti-terror Flyers to Farm Supply Stores

An reader was recently visited by the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force and asked if he wanted to prevent another Oklahoma City bombing. “I work for a large farm store retailer with stores in Colorado, Texas and New Mexico yesterday I had a visit from the FBI joint terrorism task force requesting that we train our staff to help prevent terrorism,” the man writes.

When the FBI agent was asked if it is mandatory to teach employees in the prevention of ill-defined terrorism, the agent said, “Not at the moment.” He left behind a flyer (see below) listing “indicators” of terrorist activities related to farm supply stores. He also gave the store employee his FBI business card.

Similar flyers have been tailored for hobby shops, tattoo parlors, gun stores, and storage units.

The FBI wants “kids to turn their parents in, they’re wanting parents to turn his kids in,” Jim Snow, owner of Rebel Arms and Sporting Goods in Nob Hill, Arkansas, told, a local news station following the FBI visit in January.'


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