Monday, December 27, 2010

The Green Hijack of the Met Office is Crippling Britain

By far the biggest story of recent days, of course, has been the astonishing chaos inflicted, to a greater or lesser extent, on all of our lives by the fact that we are not only enjoying what is predicted to be the coldest December since records began in 1659, but also the harshest of three freezing winters in a row. We all know the disaster stories – thousands of motorists trapped for hours on paralysed motorways, days of misery at Heathrow, rail passengers marooned in unheated carriages for up to 17 hours. But central to all this – as the cry goes up: “Why wasn’t Britain better prepared?” – has been the bizarre role of the Met Office.'



  1. Isn't it funny that every year we ask the SAME question, why wasn't Britain better prepared?

    I think we have to formulate a snow contingency plan.

    Many countries outside of the UK have worse snow than we do, and everthing continues as normal, businesses carry on running and children still go to school and their central heating systems do not break down over there, so why does first world UK always have the SAME snow problem EVERY year?

    It's very strange.


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