Monday, December 27, 2010

The Fabian Society: Britons Want European Union to Assert Itself on the Global Stage

The British public wants European Union member states to co-operate more – not less – on major policy issues including climate change, the fight against international crime and regulating banks, according to a poll on attitudes to the EU.

A YouGov survey, to be released in the new year by the Fabian Society and the Foundation for European Progressive Studies, shows that, while anti-Brussels feeling is still deep-rooted, Britons now want the EU to be more active in meeting specific international and global challenges.

While almost twice as many people (45%) believe Britain's membership of the EU to be a "bad thing" rather than a "good thing" (25%), when asked what role the EU should take in relation to key policies of global significance they are far more positive.

About 71% of those questioned said EU countries should co-operate more closely on fighting terrorism and international crime, against only 7% who wanted to loosen links between member states in that area.'


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