Sunday, December 26, 2010

'Bin Laden Possibly Dead; US Silent'

A former White House spokesman has lashed out at the US government for using 'Osama bin Laden' as a pretext to continue its occupation of Afghanistan.

"Since 2004, we have seen no new bin Laden videos," wrote ex-spokesman Robert Weiner and James Lewis, a US national security analyst at Robert Weiner Associates, suggesting bin Laden may be dead.

"We've only heard audios. One video released in 2007 could be a compilation of older videos. So why does the intelligence community continue to support the impression that he's alive?" read the article published in The Washington Times last Thursday.'



  1. Rushed US government reply to silence:

    In the spirit on the war on terrorism there is no evidence to suggest that Bin Laden is dead, just as much as we find there is no evidence in the spirit of Christmas and with regards to the commonalities that they each share to even
    suggest...that Santa Claus is dead also.

    Merry Christmas from the White House.

  2. Website....Hotter than a pile of curry

    lists the commonalities


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