Sunday, May 08, 2011

Latest White House Act of Desperation - Videos Show bin Laden Watching Himself on TV

The photo on left is captured from video released today. The photo on right is from verified ABC interview of the real Osama Bin Laden before 911 and YouTube.

Ears are as unique as fingerprints, and they do not change with time. The ears do not match (and the noses are also different). The man in the video watching TV is most definitely not Osama Bin Laden.

Also bin Laden was left handed and the man in the video uses his right hand to operate the TV remote control.



  1. Fake....they could have paid a lookalike a few hundred dollars to do the sit-in.

    Everybody has a double or lookalike.

    Besides he doesn't once look into the camera full on, so how can anyone be certain that it is him from a side view picture?

    Additionally, if it was him, what is this video supposed to prove? It proves nothing to me.....Where is the date and time the footage was recorded? For all we know, that could be a videotape, DVD or whatever that he is watching.

    Trying to fool the public at large, once again.

  2. This footage is just a sneak peek from season two of the comedy/drama Desperate Housewhites,
    what a hoot those characters are down on Washington Lane.

    Critics are saying:-

    'Compelling viewing-must see TV'
    ...Whitehouse Spokesman

    'A Ratings Winner l Hope *****stars'
    ...Barrak Obama

    'A Comedy of Errors and Drama'
    ...Hand on Mouth Hillary

    'Kept me from nodding off to sleep'
    ...Joe Biden

    'Funny America Show, died laughing at it'
    ...Osama Bin Dead

    'Will have audiences prompted on the edge of their seats'
    ...Barry Teleprompter

    ...Military Industrial Complex

    'Look out Desperate Housewives theres a new gang on the block'
    ...Zionist TV World


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