Thursday, May 12, 2011

Air Passengers' Lunch Details to be Stored in EU Terrorism Plan

The details of millions of British airline passengers will be stored for up to five years under EU plans to tackle terrorism.

Information including names, addresses, credit card details and travel partners will be collated.

The database will store what a passenger ate, where they sat and whether they were flying on to another destination.

The same data could be handed over to any other EU country in which the plane lands. That would include British tourists on package tours to Spain or travellers going to parts of Eastern Europe.

The proposal will be enforced despite the Tories coming to power on a promise to row back the surveillance state.'



  1. Hmmm, so I guess we can now make conclusions about who is a terrorist or potential terrorist by what they eat, especially on plane journeys.

    Who comes up with these daft ideas?

  2. Oh, and I guess there is no such thing as a right to privacy any more.


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