Sunday, May 08, 2011

Scientist Says Evil Can be Treated

A Cambridge University scientist says evil is a lack of empathy which can be measured and monitored and is susceptible to education and treatment.

"I'm not satisfied with the term 'evil'," Reuters quoted Cambridge University psychology and psychiatry professor Simon Baron-Cohen as saying.

"We've inherited this word... and we use it to express our abhorrence when people do awful things, usually acts of cruelty, but I don't think it's anything more than another word for doing something bad,” he added, saying that “we need a new theory of human cruelty".'


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  1. Why do we suddenly have all these scientists and geniuses wanting to change the old and trusted way of doing certain things?

    Evil is evil, there is and should be no new word for it.

    We have more important issues to think about for example how are we going to solve the nuclear crises in Japan, earthquakes, flooding past, present and future, tornadoes, Comet Elenin/Planet X/Nibiri/Eris collision with earth etc etc

    Professors, let's not focus on irrelevant issues, please.


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