Sunday, April 03, 2011

'Saudi Arabia Seeks to Annex Kuwait'

Saudi Arabia would like to keep Kuwait or annex the territory; if not the territory then at least through hegemony of its policy and what is happening now is we see an increase in Saudi hegemony in the [Persian] Gulf, in Bahrain, and in Kuwait where there are Saudi arms and influence in Kuwaiti parliament - members pushing for Kuwait to be annexed and to form part of Saudi Arabia under the guise of a [Persian] Gulf unity whereby Saudi Arabia would be the leader.

A number of members of parliament in Kuwait are Saudi agents basically and the Kuwait leadership has fear of this. In fact, last year one of my sources said that the foreign minister of Kuwait said in a private setting that the Saudi threat is the greatest threat against Kuwait. They want to annex us, they tried to invade us and Saudi Arabia holds part of Kuwait in the hands of Saudi forces basically occupying part of Kuwait.'


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