Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Vegan Parents Charged In Death of Baby Raised on Mother's Milk; Facing 30 Years in Prison

(NaturalNews) In the latest outrage of the global "vegan police" striking out against those who follow a healthy diet, a couple in France is now facing up to 30 years in prison because they refused to feed their baby junk infant formula and instead breastfed her. The baby died at 11 months of age, and when ambulance workers arrived and found the baby dead, instead of consoling the parents, they called the police. Why? Because the parents were vegans.

Just so you're getting all this straight, keep in mind that if the ambulance had shown up and found a dead baby in a family whose cupboards were stuffed full of junk food and fast food -- sugary cereals, McDonald's food wrappers, frozen pizza, ice cream and donuts -- that would not have seemed suspicious at all. You could have a baby die with a half-eaten bacon double cheeseburger in its hand and that wouldn't even raise an eyebrow. It is only the fact that the parents were vegans that the police were called.


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  1. Well, there is nothing wrong with breastfeeding. I have a long list of people who breastfed their babies and din't give formula, so I'm sure that's not the issue.

    I think the issue was the fact that the mother was vegan and baby didn't get enough nutrition as a result.

    I agree on the junk food, there is a need to cut those out entirely.

    I think there is a bit more to the story though.


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