Thursday, March 31, 2011

Obama Used Bill Clinton to Orchestrate Sestak Bribery Scheme

Surprise, surprise the White House has completed a thorough investigation into the Joe Sestak bribery scandal and determined that no one in the Obama Administration committed any crimes because Bill Clinton actually carried out the shady scheme to eliminate the Pennsylvania congressman from the U.S. Senate race.

A few months ago Sestak, a two-term congressman from Philadelphia, revealed on national television that the White House tried bribing him to drop out of this year’s U.S. Senate race. The popular Democratic lawmaker said he was offered a top federal job to keep him from challenging Senator Arlen Specter in this month’s primaries. After nearly three decades as a Republican, Specter became a Democrat last spring after giving Obama the critical vote for his disastrous $787 billion stimulus and the president vowed to help him get reelected.'


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